Low Price Replica Bags 20+ of the Best Chanel Bags Carried by Celebs at the Brand’s Weekend Dinner Party in LA

Ain’t no party like a Chanel dinner party because a Chanel dinner party has tons of handbags After the apocalypse, only three things will survive: cockroaches, Keith Richards and celebrity-filled Chanel parties. Karl Lagerfeld & Co. are irrepressible when it comes to rounding up international actresses, celebrity spawn, It Girls and his own muses to […]

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Replica Online Shopping This Week, Celebrities Fled Los Angeles Post-Golden Globes with a Ton of Chanel Bags

We also spotted some Louis Vuitton and Fendi in the crowds Earlier this week, celebs flocked to Los Angeles for the Golden Globes, and then, just as quickly as many of them had arrived, they scattered back to wherever they came from, bags (and often Chanel bags) in tow. Elsewhere in LA, other celebs were […]

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Wholesale Suppliers Kim Zolciak is Determined to Carry as Many Chanel Bags as Possible, Sometimes All at Once


If you read my regular bi-weekly celeb handbag round-ups, you know I have been (gently) ribbing Kim Zolciak for her excessive Chanel game for some time. Real Housewives in general are not especially subtle with their designer bag choices, but Kim really ups the ante with her regular Chanel luggage parades through LAX. In our […]

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For Sale Replica Bags Chanel Hosted a Swanky Malibu Party, and All the Celebs Carried—You Guessed It—Chanel Bags

The stars came out to wear Chanel and support an environmentalist cause Chanel hosts lots of parties all over the world, and their dinners always have such a specific aesthetic, at least where arrivals are concerned. The guest lists are always people—but mostly women—of various ages and professional backgrounds, from artists to movie stars. They’re […]

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Replica Online Shopping This Week, Celebrities Don’t Stray Far from Their Favorite Versace, Saint Laurent and Chanel Bags

Sometimes when the world seems too overwhelming, you just want to reach for something comfortable and familiar…like an electric blanket, or maybe your favorite black leather designer handbag. Celebs seem to have all had that same instinct this week, and most revisited their old (albeit mostly classic) faves. This week we have an onslaught of […]

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