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The fashion house Net A Porter Chloe Bags Replica invented a few handbags that made a lot of woman addicted, starting with the recent Drew Bag and Faye Bag. And if we look back to one of the earlier designs that are still popular today, it’s the Chloe Marcie Bag. For the new season, the Marcie gets a little makeover; it’s now also available in boho-chic style. The Chloe Marcie Bag is classic, time-tested and still trending today.

The colors are sharper; the look is even more intriguing. Introducing the Chloe Bags Black Friday Sale Replica Marcie Bag with Tassel, but it’s not only the tassel that makes the difference.

With its round-shape, you can carry this bag cross body or on your shoulder. It’s perfect to match with your everyday outfit or other casual clothing’s. The latest Marcie Bag is embellished with topstitching (braided) around the front flap. The stitches are vivid and pops-out from the background. And together with the new tassel on the bottom, it is now officially a boho-chic handbag.

Made from calf leather, the interior will certainly not disappoint you. Move the front flap up and you will find a front pocket for instant access to your must-essentials. Then there is one large compartment to drop all your other stuff.

The latest A Chloe Bag Replica Marcie Tassel Bag is simple yet beautiful. It can be worn in the weekends with just a denim jacket and comfortable loafers.

The mini size is measured 6.5’ x 7.4’ x 3.5’ (H x W x D) inches and is priced at $990 USD, €750 euro, £675 GBP, $1163 SGD, $1237 CAD, $988 AUD, $7220 HKD via MyTheresa.

You can find more styles via Farfetch and Forward by Elyse Walker.











Since, these totes are inspired by the cars; it had been called as Bolide bag. Dated back in 1923, the original Bolide bags have been introduced by Emile-Maurice Hermes because of his spouse, particularly for an auto occasion. He also compiled the zipper technologies, which he found on a Car fabric shirt, throughout his tour with his friend Henry Ford.Soon the Bolide bags became the very initial bags ever to get a zipper compartment. Withstanding the struggles of competitive world, the most luxurious fashion house — Hermes created a exceptional combo of modern and legendary lines, and is the event of the Bolide secret bag.So Hermes did shout this news to the world because the Bolide secret tote came into view as a gorgeous illusion of all luxury leather goodies. Its one that is tricky to come, with its brilliant zipper compartment, perfect for stuffing on your grab-and-go essentials during the travel.These ever-so-popular Bolides market out like hotcakes, the demand is unimaginably high as it is an iconic lineup. And this piece is actually something new! The ideal thing you might have never thought you needed, with its super light-weight it’s very easy to carry. It’s the exact same traditional pattern as Bolide handbag; a gorgeous sew adorned outside, Hermes blouse, curvy curved handles, zipper compartment, the most iconic padlock plus clochette with keys delightfully looped in the grips and five feet at the bottom to keep the leather free of dirt.








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