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There plenty of backpacks available today, but the Chloe L Bag Replica Faye Backpack is definitely one of Bragmybag’s favorite so far. But why?

Chic, classy and affordable are the reasons. The Faye Bag Collection is a unique line, the front is crafted with an oversized hoop and attached with a ladylike chain to side – this design is not only fabulous, but one-of-a-kind as well.

What’s more? The design is timeless, with a touch of minimalistic. It’s made in the typical Chloe’s mix of colors like brown and orange, which goes perfectly with almost everything casual-chic in your wardrobe. You can carry it for work, weekend or travelling. You can carry it in the autumn as well as in the fall.

Chloe has been heavily promoting the Faye Bag, because it’s very promising. And who knows, perhaps it will be the next iconic bag.

In this post you will see more detailed images of how the bag looks when you carry it. Let us know what you think in the comment section.





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Last year however, my mom mentioned that she liked my Bolide, also decided to “take it on” for awhile. Don’t we all love our mothers? Mine is notoriously tough to look for, so that I was thrilled to finally have an item that she actually desired. After a while, however, I overlooked the bag, and thought I’d add another. I wanted black, but was really reluctant to get the exact same luggage again…as sometimes my mother and I “discuss”. So when I had an chance to put in a black Bolide, but at a bigger size, I was very happy to do so!With my new larger size, I thought it would be the ideal chance to do a size comparison between the 31 and 35 size (borrowing back the 31 in my mother for a day!) . The two Bolides are in black, with palladium hardware. Fjord in my experience takes dye more “softly” like togo/clemence…and you’ll be able to see the the black seems a bit lighter here as well.The left dimensions is also the 31 cm size — that I’d equate to more of a handbag fashion. The one on right is a 37 — currently known as 35 out of Hermes (yes the description shrunk two inches, but the size didn’t change at all). For someone of my stature (5’1), I’ve always found the 31 for the perfect size, but I was surprised how much I enjoyed the 35. Yes it was larger, but due to it’s shape, it is footprint was significantly more compact compared to a say, 35 Birkin.Above is a photo illustrating everything may fit within both dimensions (with space to spare). I have always found the 31 deceptively roomy — it is definitely big enough for my daily essentials — a notebook, my Kindle, a wallet, makeup purse, phone and sunglasses.For the 35, you can easily add an iPad (full size), shawl, and water bottle to the mixture. For me personally, it is the ideal size for travel and work.


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