Givenchy Duetto Shoulder Bag Expensive Replica



Givenchy’s handbags are mostly created with bold and strong appearance. They’re inspired by the vision of mixing feminine and masculine together, which creates a unisex look. Carrying a Givenchy Bag Zürich Replica handbag resembles the independent and strength of a woman.

For the Fall 2017 Collection, this French luxury fashion introduces the Duetto Bag. The name Duetto means Duet, which means a performance by two people. And this name really reveals what the design of this bag is all about.

The Duetto Bag is constructed in bi-colors like black and white, but it’s also made in tri-colors like brown, white and black. The different colors are painted on the front flap, the center of the body and the edges of the body. This bag is very interesting because honestly, how many Givenchy handbags are made in bi or tri-colors, besides bags with flower prints and large logo’s?

Overall, the look is quite straightforward – it’s timeless. The front flap is made with an envelope style design. The bag has a rectangle shape and it comes with a leather shoulder strap with buckles to adjust to your comfort.

The colors are ideal to wear on the streets with casual outfits, or matching with urban clothes. The back comes with a pocket for instant access to your necessities. On the front, there is a leather strap hanging. This leather strap is attached to a zipper, which is used to open an interior pocket.

The inside is very structured. If you open the front flap, you will find a zippered pocket on the front. Then there is a large compartment to get all your essentials stored. On the back, there is an additional pocket if you need space for more stuff.

The Duetto Bag is measured 8.7’ x 5.1’ x 1.6’ (W x H x D) inches, and is priced at $990 USD, €750 euro, £690 GBP via Farfetch

There are also more styles available via Matches Fashion.









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