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I hope you’re excited for Givenchy, because the Spring Summer 2018 Runway was full of surprises. Givenchy Bags Medium Replica usually makes handbags that are mixed with masculine and feminine, but for the next collection, we’re seeing more ladylike handbags and you will love it. There are also new stunning logo’s crafted on the new bags. Now let’s talk about the two bags that you need to pay attention to.

The Little Givenchy Bags Under 300 Replica Bag


Yes it’s little and when it’s cute as well, then we cannot help but talk about it. Meet the Little Givenchy Nightingale Bag Yellow Replica Bag for the next season, it’s absolutely gorgeous beyond words, but there is more.

First this bag is a mini flap bag and we hope it will be available in large size too. It’s designed with a V-shaped flap in beautiful-rectangle shaped-body. The center is crafted with smooth leather (just below the flap), while the other parts is made in grained leather. The center is what its all about – the new Givenchy Bags Antigona Replica clasp.

I really love the new Givenchy clasp and it’s not only about the ‘Givenchy’ name in the center. The clasp is the bottom part of the Givenchy symbol.

This little bag is multifunctional; it can be carried as a belt bag or a cute shoulder bag. So what do you think?

Givenchy Flap Bag with Boyish Chain

The largest debut from the collection is the Nobile bag, that can be an unassuming little shoulder bag in two dimensions that reminds me lots of the Proenza Schouler Kent Bag. It fills a gap in the brand’s lineup toward the base end of its price range (the mini is $1,350, based on Neiman Marcus’s pre-order, and the small is $1,590), but it does it in a way that does not feel particularly related to the overall Givenchy aesthetic.If you are more of a traditionalists, all your old favorites are here, such as new takes on the Antigona and Pandora, in addition to a specially attractive (and new) wallet version of the Horizon bag. Have a look at the full lookbook below; several of these styles are currently available to shop or pre-order at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Saks.Back at July, Amanda asked you that popular luggage you thought was prepared for retirement. It’s personal decision and obviously what one person could deem is over another might only be starting to adore. There are certain bags nevertheless that hit on the ‘I’ve got to have this’ wave and ride it for quite a while and the Givenchy Antigona is among these. If this bag became popular, it seemed as though everyone wanted one and everyone had one.The magnificence of the Antigona lies in its own shape that is different from most bags and clean lines that makes it wearable day after day and season after season. Few totes become must-haves for the masses in plain black leather, but the Antigona did. Google picture search “Givenchy Antigona” and you will observe lots of the images of black Antigonas spotted throughout the first pages. We really just covered Lily Aldridge and her Givenchy Antigona that she still can’t appear to get enough of! This tote was a staple, and it seemed it would not die down. But this Givency bag has, just like majority of luggage do, and there isn’t the exact same craze anymore.


Look who is there? A new stunning Givenchy Bags Online Uae Replica Flap Bag. You will absolutely love this bag because; it’s minimalistic, classic, elegant and it comes with a boyish chain. This bag is also crafted with a new clasp and it has the perfect size to become your next everyday bag. And oh yes, you get a cute charm that’s attached to the handles.

This new bag can be carried in multiple ways. You can grab it by hand; carry it on your shoulder or cross body. It can also be used in many occasions like for work or at evening diners.

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