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“This is precisely the Achilles’ heel using a new like Louis Vuitton, which is now far too popular,” explained luxury retail analyst Pam Danziger. “They’ve become overly familiar and have attained a common location. If everyone has their mass market products, it is less desired. Goyard retains its traditional craft-oriented roots which really has a limited supply because that’s what their commitment is all about. “Privately-owned Goyard, Danziger also mentioned, doesn’t have to respond to stakeholders and corporate executives–a situation most trend brands do not have the privilege of holding. “So many luxury brands have gotten greedy, expanding their product so they can answer to investors” “These people companies have to feed the beast. “So many luxury manufacturers have gotten greedy, expanding their product so they can answer to investors. You’ve got their stores cropping up everywhere, until, essentially, they’re only Proctor & Gamble. “While Goyard’s mystery advertising strategy, or lack thereof, has functioned for the last century and a half, not everybody’s convinced its methods will probably prevail in the long run. PurseBlog’s Mull, for one, believes Goyard’s isolation may ultimately be detrimental. Luxury brands need to brace themselves for internet-native millennial shoppers who spend $600 billion annually, and Goyard can fail to participate young customers unless it dabbles into some kind of e-commerce. But, Eugene Kan, managing editor of men’s design website HYPEBEAST, mused that market domination hasn’t been on Goyard’s schedule, and may very possibly never be.


This summer, the luxury hotel Byblos partnered with Goyard to design a limited edition handbag that’s only available this summer. This exclusive release is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Byblos. The Goyard Byblos is a large shopping bag, crafted with the logo of Byblos in the center including the year of establishment. The top is crafted with leather handles and it’s designed with the famous Goyardine Canvas, decorated vertically on the bag.

The Goyard Byblos Bag will only be available at Le Byblos in Saint-Tropez from 28 May to 10 October 2017. Only 50 bags will be available, each one individually numbered.


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