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Goyard is the true under-the-radar-brand that can turn anyone from average-bag-lover into a fulltime-handbag-obsess. The label is addictive as the top labels like LV, Chanel and Dior. The Anjou Bag for example is an unforgettable bag – once you touch it, you gotta have it. But now there is another to-die-for handbag, a new one and it’s beautiful beyond dreams (not words =). So let’s just sit right here, look at this beauty Goyard Minaudiere Case and share our feelings.

The Design

The Minaudiere Case is the tiny little wear, but it’s a bag that can capture anyone’s mind. Even tough it’s made to carry small articles, the design is just too stunning to ignore. So you got to have it in your wardrobe. It will help you sleep better right?

The rectangle shape is what does the magic. The body is entirely crafted with the signature Goyardine Canvas. And yes, you probably have read our story about the Goyardine Canvas right? The receipt is the biggest secret in the fashion world and nobody can copy it. Even the counterfeiters are scratching their heads. So isn’t that enough reason to invest?

The Minaudiere Case looks like a classic trunk bag. But did you know that Goyard is one of the oldest Parisian trunk makers, which is where their family business started. Think again – the designer brand has existed even longer than Louis Vuitton.

This is the first review of a five part series outlining my Summer ’17 haul (to read my sneak peak article click here), and also the very first bag I will be reviewing according to popular demand is the Goyard Bags Outlet Replica St. Louis bag which I obtained from here. The Goyard St. Louis bag is highly sought after, and unlike a number of other brand (ahem ahem LV) you are not likely to see them out and around as much. That is what really attracted me to the Goyard St. Louis bag because it is nice to have a bag that is undercover luxury. The Goyard St. Louis tote really reminds me of this Louis Vuitton Neverfull, also I love to liken them as cousins that are similar yet very different. The Louis Vuitton Neverfull from the classic Monogram print is quite in mind — the brand LV’s initials are splattered all over the bag.The Goyard St. Louis tote on the other hand is much more demure, and the print is optical-illusion-esque with little logo brand imprints all over. Such as the Neverfull the Goyard St. Louis is quite functional and versatile offering a great deal of space, and also a neat little pouch onto the inside to keep your small stuff in. The tote has soft leather finishings. Now as a replica tote, I will state I have not seen many very good copies of this Goyard St. Louis. There are a whole lot of mediocre replicas on the market but they aren’t made with the exact same care and usually something about the routine tends to be off. However, as usual, I ordered a counter excellent copy of this bag so that these tiny things are taken under account by the producers and this is exactly what make the bag look pretty much equal to the original.Anyways I shall allow the photos speak for themselves (they are worth a million words after all), and also have a summit below to see them on your own. Allow me to know how great of a fake you think that it is and in the event that you can spot anything “off” about the tote in the remarks.

The bag comes with a unique leather strap for shoulder and cross body carry. But of course, this strap can be removed anytime you want. But the strap is unique because it covers the entire body. It’s not something you just attach and carry. Wow huh!

The Interior


The interior is quite easy, but it’s the exterior that counts. A minaudiere Case is always small, so the inside space is limited. There is just one main compartment to store your essentials.

The Sizes And Prices

Now I wanted to talk about a new tote I recently added to that I’ve been getting great use from — the Goyard Bags Bergdorf Replica Anjou bag. I’d been eyeing the Anjou because it came out past, and adored the notion — the exact same size and measurements as the timeless Goyard St. Louis tote, but entirely leather lined, making it not just more sturdy…however (…. Also reversible!I was torn over the color to choose for your Anjou — I could not pick between the green, red, and navy. So obviously I copped out after I had to make a choice and got the black (who could relate?) From the PM size. Additionally, it drives me crazy that Goyard charges 30 percent more for colors than it does for black. I have never heard a plausible explanation for this. So the black was the economical choice also, although something tells me I’m including a color down the line anyway. Sigh.As those who are conversant with Goyard know, there are just two normal black configurations — solid black black with tan. I chose the black with tan to the Anjou — I liked the observable contrast leather piping along the sides, along with the tan makes it versatile for spring/summer. People who possess the routine St. Louis tote might be aware that there’s largely two points of possible weakness on the bag — the corners, that can get scuffed and also wear away to holes with time, and the handles, which can break if too much weight is inserted. The Anjou seems to address this issue — there is leather reinforcement along the sides and bottom (including the corner).

For now, we don’t have the exact measurement. But the price depends on the color. The white version is retailing for $36000 HKD while the gold edition is priced at $46000 HKD. The cheapest version is the black on black, which retails for $26000 HKD.

Now for the SGD. The classic colors are priced at $4930 SGD but the special colors are priced around $6000 SGD.

These prices are the exact retail prices, but it also provide you a guidelines in case you want to know the prices of your country. Just convert them into USD, euro or GBP.

The demand for this bag is huge, so for some colors you might need to wait 3 months or more. Now which color do you love?

And if you got more info, please share in the comments.


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