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Life is all about choices; it’s either this or that. And when it comes to fashion, the rules are the same. Are you going for the Goyard Anjou Reversible Tote Bag or the Gucci Reversible GG Tote Bag.

But a very quick tip about… what’s trending right now? We belief the Reversible Totes are going to be the next because its not only innovative, but also stunning.

The Goyard Anjou Reversible Tote Bag is a clever design, the outside is designed in single color, no prints and the inside is created with the brand’s signature prints. Or was that the outside?

They come in two sizes: the PM: 19’ x 11’ x 6’ inches (H x W x D) and 12’ x 13’ x 7’ inches (H x W x D).

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But the Gucci Reversible GG Tote Bags are also to-die-for. And it has exact same idea – single color in the outside and the inside designed with the brand’s signature prints.

The Gucci Reversible Tote Bag also comes in two sizes: 11’ x 8.2’ x 4.3’ 7’ inches (W x H x D) and 14.9’ x 11’ x 4.7’ inches (W x H x D).

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It’s hard to pick these two handbags, I honestly cannot make up my mind. And how about you, what do you think if you can only pick one?

I really don’t know a great deal about Goyard Bags Cost Replica and I am not a super fan of this brand or anything but once I sold my own Louis Vuitton Neverfull (since I was not a fan of those super rigid leather straps), I decided to replace it with this Goyard St. Louis tote (similar here). Despite the fact that I cut on and on about utilized bags last week, I actually got this 1 brand new at the Goyard shop in San Francisco mostly because the costs for the secondhand totes weren’t that much cheaper than the original price and because the SF store was so close (this was before I moved down to San Jose). Additionally it was definitely a bit of an impulse buy since I was in the store.Anyway I chose to go with the GM size (the larger size that is 23″x 13″x 7″) since I wanted this to be of a travel tote, and I think it’s not too big for my 5’4″ frame. What I adore about this tote: A) super lightweight coated canvas (bags that are light as a feather are a must when traveling); B) The flexible leather straps are thin but don’t hurt my shoulders; C) How the upper corners can fold in to make the bag smaller if carrying less stuff.But in the end I don’t really carry this bag as much as I need to since the Goyard tote pads and strap glazing are notoriously fragile. Plus I’m not fond of just how soft the canvas fabric is, so much so that it can’t stand up on it’s own (it merely wrinkles into a heap really). And ultimately I do not think I’m much of a bag person generally (if I have to take a lot, I rather carry a backpack). Oh but I really do love my Everlane dipped zip bag (reviewed here), which I take daily as my work tote.Anyway, and so I decided to sell this tote to fund a future tote buy. And I might as well sell it while it is still in pristine condition.


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