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When it’s the summer, prepare for the fall. And when it’s fall, prepare for the summer. Chloe Bags San Francisco Replica is about the drop the Fall Winter 2017 Collection and it’s a good thing to check what we can expect from the handbags. In this post, we will be covering the most beautiful handbags and we can already hint you that round and curvy are the new trend at Chloe’s house.


It’s either the updated version of the latest Nile Bag or it’s a new Nile-inspired handbag. The top is crafted with metal handles, but the last time Chanel tried it, our community didn’t like it. But Chloe Bags Hudson Replica might change the game as they have their own style – casual chic. If you take a closer look, the round shape, the soft suede leather combined with leather curved decoration does look ladylike and stunning. The handles in gold enhance the design by making it more elegant and stylish. So what do you think? Go or a no go?


Part suede and part leather (usually the flap) is the new trend set by Chloe. This new combo of leathers is embellished in the latest classic Faye handbag. The Chloe Bag Zara Replica Drew Bag is following the trend and for the Fall Winter 2017 Collection, new styles will be introduced, but also new colors. The part suede and part leather design is quite interesting – the suede creates a softer side of the shade while the leather is boosting it. And together with the jewelry-like chain, the bag looks stunning.









An increasing number of car engines were running in the 20th century and also the requirement for the portable Hermès’ bags got bigger. The Sac pour L’auto got a title change, and was dubbed the Bolide. An interesting fact: it had been the term for a meteorite in the 16th century and became a synonym for a vehicle. Hermès also begun to design especially for the auto brand Bugatti, designing extra-luxurious accessories which accompanied the vehicle, like leather wallets for travelmaps and driving gloves. Due to these events, everybody felt that the need to journey and the elegant bag layout was quickly embraced by many. The Bolide was used for travels by car, by train as well as for trans-atlantic sea liners. Hermès became the go-to brand for travelling. Ofcourse this carryall wasn’t a handbag yet. Back in 1982, the Bolide premiered in handbag size, coming with a removable shoulder strap plus a padlock. The dome-shaped attractiveness has a top handle and a zip-around closure. Mou is a soft leather, which gives the bag a more casual look. Rigide is tough and makes it a sturdy bag along with a suitable candidate for work. It comes in various sizes: 27 cm, 31 cm, 35 cm and 45. The 31cm is the size that is great for everyday wear. The 45cm is suitable for travelling, hinting at its first purpose. As anticipated, this Hermès icon comes in a variety of shades and a few have the signature Hermès stitching. Palladium is the hardware that’s used the most, but some can also be delivered with gold hardware. If your wondering what the oval leather piece is for: it is especially made for the initials.Since I added an Hermes Bolide bag to my closet a few years back, I have become convinced that it’s one of the best and genuinely timeless luggage that the manufacturer has produced. It’s incredibly versatile, lovely (although I give the top marks into the Kelly for beauty), and easy to use. My very own bag was a little black variant (see the review) with silver hardware at the 31cm dimensions — and I adored it!







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