Do you know which better occasion to buy one other than for the new year shopping? It’s the perfect time to get some fresh items for your replica bag collection. Our picks are the new and amazing Bulgari Serpenti replica purses. We are sure you will love them!

A new year means a fresh beginning and women like to start in style, with some online deals and new items in their wardrobes. Some new replica bags would make great purchases during this time of the year. The Pursevalley bag collection has recently increased and it includes some gorgeous Bulgari replica bags, from the Serpenti collection. They are perfect imitations and look incredibly classy and stylish


The Bulgari Serpenti collection

The Bulgari house has a strong association with the snake symbol. This can be easily seen in their jewelry, watches and accessories collections. It has been a notable symbol starting with the 1940s, when Sophia Loren wore one of their jewelries in the Cleopatra movbie.

The Serpenti bag collection was introduced in 2012 and it was inspired by the Bulgari wraparound snake watches.

The bags feature a chain similar to a snake body and a snake head closure that comes covered in enamel, in different color combinations. On the Pursevalley website you can find it in four shades and they all look great. That makes it pretty hard to choose one.


Bulgari Serpenti Black Replica Bag

Bulgari Serpenti Black Bag

If you want to get a timeless look with a handbag that can be worn with almost anything, then black is the color you should get. The contrast between the black leather and the white, black and green snake head makes it a very elegant choice.


Bulgari Serpenti Blue  Replica Bag

Bulgari Serpenti Blue Bag

When it comes to handbags, blue is a color that can be easily matched to other outfits. It’s not as universal as black, but if you want a more daring color, blue would make a great choice. It goes great with complementary colors or with some analogue shades. It’s all up to you how you wear it.


Bulgari Serpenti Green Replica Bag

Bulgari Serpenti Green Bag

A green Bulgari Replica bag will not leave you pass unnoticed. It’s a vibrant color and on this bag it simply looks amazing. This emerald shade combined with the golden chain and the snake jewel make a great combination. It can be worn both during day and night time and it will make your outfit look anything but ordinary.


Bulgari Serpenti Red Replica  Bag

Bulgari Serpenti Red Bag

Anyone should own at least one red bag and this Bulgari Serpenti Replica is a must-have. The design looks so good on this strong red shade and it will look even better on you. The mix between the golden chain and the vibrant red makes it a perfect replica handbag.

There are plenty of choices from the Serpenti collection on the Pursevalley website. Decide which one you like the best by asking yourself which color will give you the much needed confidence to start the year in the right way. Will it be the black one or a different color? Either way, they all look amazing and any of them would make a great choice for the new year shopping. Plus, the Pursevalley bags come with the quality guarantee, so they will look just as good as the originals do. They are manufactured from similar or the same materials used for authentic bags and all the details are copied.